Youtube Latest Video

This page is a sample for addon Rescuework's Youtube Latest Video & Playlist.

This addon has two blocks, Latest Video & Playlist.

Latest Video

How to Use

Choose a Youtube Latest Video block and go to edit mode, you will find this;

Here you can enter your youtube ID. This block automatically picks up your latest video.


This sample below is a Playlist block, which shows a list you made in your youtube.

concrete5 - Totally Random 6/7/2013
concrete5 - Totally Random 5/17/2013
concrete5 - Totally Random 5/10/2013
concrete5 - Totally Random - 4/12/2013
concrete5 - Totally Random - 3/29/2013
concrete5 - Totally Random - 3/22/2013

How to use a Youtube Playlist block

Choose a Youtube Playlist block and go to edit mode, you will find this;

Here, you can enter your playlist id. The id is the end of your playlist url. If the url is then id is PLLLlNuTR2Vb4U59XV3yxzSpsOFCtz536E

By default, youtube videos display in 2 column. 3-col custom template is available.

Q & A

I installed this addon but it doesn't work.

Go to index.php/dashboard/system/ounziw_youtube_latest_videos/settings and check your youtube API is set.

If you don't set up your youtube API, the following warning will be displayed.

How Do I know My Username?

Your username is shown in the URL.

Your username is XXXXX in your URL