Easy to Use

It's easy to use these addon, as well as you can use concrete5.


All the addons are originated in my client works and brushed up.


All the addons presented in this website have passed the peer review.

Who am I


Community Leader of concrete5.org
CEO of Rescuework, inc.

I use concrete5 as a base of the web service.
Nagoya Seminar Portal is a concrete5 based web service, linked with a mail magazine sending program. Users can post their seminar infos and the info will be sent to more than 6,000 readers.

Also, I make lots of addons for concrete5, and some of them are submitted to concrete5. This website is a sample demo site for my addon.

List of Addons

​This page is a sample for Rescuework's Youtube Latest Video & Playlist.
Allows users to go quickly to his/her profile page .
Visitors' view histories are recorded in their browser's local storage and presented to them.
This addon allows users to upload an image quickly, by dragging and dropping.
When visitors type a word/phrase, this addon will execute a search and display results.

About Rescuework

Rescuework run web services such as web-portal, online-shopping.

concrete5 site by Rescuework

Subway Yagoto (Station number T15 / M20) Exit 2
Two minutes walk to Rescuework, inc.

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